About Us

Hop Killers was born in early 2018 after searching for unique shirts that wasn't tied to any specific brewery. We didn't have much luck searching for what we wanted so we set out to create just that. in May 2018 Hop Killers was born and launched with 5 designs. After selling a few shirts we decided to make some glassware and that's when things really took off for us!

In early 2019 we were approached by some breweries to do some collaborations and artwork for their can releases and jumped on the opportunity. It didn't take long for more and more breweries wanting to work with us when we decided to offer our design services to breweries in addition to our own products.

If you are just looking for some awesome art on merch that can be used with any brewery or in any situation we have you covered!

If you are a brewery looking to rebrand or just looking to take your labels and products to the next level feel free to contact us and we would be glad to discuss options and have the ability to work with you.

Email - Thehopkillers@gmail.com